About Us

Since our creation, Luxury Argans has had one relentless pursuit, providing ultimate luxury by offering our clients the products they need to ensure ageless beauty.

Having watched years of millions of people buying ‘premium’ products that offered to reverse the clock, and revitalize skin, fall short. We were determined to provide the masses state-of-the-art beauty products that delivered what they promised. We seek to do this by leveraging the most innovative scientific skincare methods and utilizing nature’s most effective ingredients to create a beauty product line that cares for every skin type.


This is when we discovered Argan oil, a true beast of carrier oils. Labelled liquid gold by many, argan oil stands true to its name as it’s packed with vitamins A, E, and C and severally fatty acids, including Omega-6, linoleic acid, and oleic acid. A true superfood for both your skin and hair, argan oil helps stimulate new cell growth, revitalize and energize the skin, protects against cellular ageing, and creates a protective barrier on the skin that guards it against the damaging effects of time.


Recognizing this, we sought to find the most unadulterated form of Argan oil to serve as a base for all our formulas and take full advantage of the anti-ageing benefits this great oil provides.


Today our first grade, 100% pure and organic oil is carefully sourced and made in Morocco to ensure optimal quality when it reaches our clients. We go above and beyond to ensure our products are packaged in a way that promises unrivalled luxury without compromising the quality of our products.


You can count on our products to always leave you with happy and healthy skin.