A Growing Responsibility for Sustainable Packaging

For years, single-use, unsustainable packaging has been contributing to thousands of landfills and pollution all over the world. However, things are looking up as customer interest and worldwide guidelines push for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.

At Luxury Argans, we purpose to create a world where sustainable beauty is the norm. Earth is our source and our home, and we want to ensure it stays healthy and happy for as long as possible. This is why one of our core missions is to implement and support sustainable packaging, which is why all our products are placed in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, and we don’t plan to stop here.

Soon, we hope to launch a special scheme where our customers will be provided with a prepaid postage label to return the packaging of their finished products for reuse and recycling.

You can always count on us to put the environment first, be it in our packaging or our formulas.